Jen Teague/ May 22, 2013/ Everything In Between

It’s the WORST! You’re having a great conversation with someone and really connecting and then IT happens. Somehow your foot gets wedged into your mouth without even trying. Did you REALLY just say THAT?

How about that really uncomfortable silence that follows right after you say something completely inappropriate? And that look of total confusion from the “conversee” – that’s something that will burn into your brain for forever.

We all say the wrong thing sometimes. In a perfect world we would have that one word or that piece of wisdom that changes a life or provides a revelation. But that’s not how it works.

Usually, when someone comes and pours there heart out, we tend to say the exact thing that should NOT be said. I call this foot-in-mouth-itis. It’s a common condition where symptoms include irregular flexibility from foot to mouth, reddening of the face from the embarrassment, and occasionally, uncontrollable mouth movement from trying to talk our way out of what we just said.

There is no known cure for foot-in-mouth-itis and there is no way to prevent it. But the good news is we can laugh about it because sometimes saying the wrong thing can be hilarious. To help get the word out there for this “issue” and in honor of Arrested Development coming out with a long-anticipated fourth season through Netflix, here’s a compilation of some funny stuff that Tobias says. He’s the KING of saying the wrong thing and demonstrates this syndrome perfectly. Disclaimer: I’m just a huge fan of the show – not getting paid a dime for this. What’s your favorite Tobias-ism?

Don’t Lose Hope,




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