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Are you 50-something and back on the job search? For years, there was a stigma about looking for work at 50. It was the cursed number that people cringed at when they calculated age from a resume or from a birthdate on an application.

Retirement on the Beach by Ken Teegardin

Retirement on the Beach by Ken Teegardin

BUT TIMES ARE CHANGING! When you were first starting out in life, you thought that when you were in your 50’s you’d be on a fast-track to retirement, picturing days of playing golf, going on cruises and traveling the world, or just doing nothing. That’s a good plan too. As we both know, however, those dreams are not very realistic. There are fewer jobs that have pensions or early retirement. Most people are working well past their 50’s out of necessity.

Working Together

You are in a unique position in your life. Whether you are looking to change careers or you are currently unemployed, YOU ARE STILL VALUABLE! There are employers who need you in their companies… you just have to market yourself so that they know that.

To help you with that, I’ve put together a webinar that is almost 2-hours long. It’s got information about putting together your resume that is more noticeable to hiring managers, interviewing tips, setting up your LinkedIn profile, and SO much more. THIS COURSE HAS BEEN CREATED WITH YOU IN MIND! Plus, it’s recorded, so YOU CAN WORK ON IT AT YOUR OWN PACE AND ON YOUR OWN TIME!

Here’s what you’ll get:

– how to have a cover letter that pops AND a template
– putting your resume together to make it more employer-friendly
– how to set up your LinkedIn profile
– acing the interview while being yourself

For only $65, you get access to the webinar indefinitely. My one-on-one coaching sessions go for a lot more than that, but you get to benefit from technology and obtain the information in the comfort of your own home on your schedule.

Questions? Please contact me at and I’ll be happy to help! Don’t miss out on this offer! ORDER TODAY!

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