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Attention Job Seekers: No matter what the job market is like or how overqualified you may be for a job, there are some things that should NEVER EVER EVER be in your resume no matter your profession. Ever. Below are some of the biggest turn-offs for recruiters when it comes to searching for candidates.

1. Spelling errors. Spell-check is only as smart as it can be. It usually won’t pick up on things like their vs. there or desert or dessert because they are spelled correctly. Don’t blindly run spell-check and assume that it’s perfect. Unless you want to explain your previous positions of Projector Coordinator (Project Coordinator) or a Store Cork (Clerk).

2. Grammatical errors. This is completely different than spelling so I wanted to address it separately. You do not have to be an English major to know how to write properly. Don’t use conjunctions (such as don’t), end your sentence with a preposition such as “with”, to”, or “at”or USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It’s really annoying and it captures recruiters’ attention in a bad way.

3. Creative job titles. Don’t try to fancy up your job as a Server as a Dining Experience Expert. If you waited tables, then you were a Server. There is nothing wrong with earning an honest living. Don’t overcomplicate it.

4. A section about your personal life. Most of what you state here is illegal for recruiters to consider during the hiring process. So, whether you are a mom of three wonderful children, married to your soulmate, enjoy knitting, or have a dog named Buddy, leave this out of your resume. You can talk about this stuff later if you get hired, otherwise, it just takes up space. FREE TIP: Do NOT put a picture of yourself on your resume. That only hurts your chances of getting an interview.

5. A 6-page resume. Yes, I have seen resumes that are longer than some short stories. Depending on your experience, keep your resume to a maximum of 2 pages. But only if it is impossible to fit it all on one page, which is how long a resume should be. One page.

6. Bright paper or weird font. No, using that curly font does not put your resume on top of the pile. In fact, it puts it closer to the bottom… Near the trash can. Also, if you’re tempted to put your resume on safety-cone orange.. Don’t.

7. Forgetting contact information. If you want to be considered for the position, you will need to make your contact info convenient for the recruiter. Even if you email it directly to someone’s attention and have a signature with your info, make sure you have it on your resume.

What are some other things on a resume that you think keep people from being considered for a position? Leave a comment below… I’d love to hear from you.

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