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You know what is sad? When someone has a dream in their heart, a crystal clear vision of a business, an obsession that they want to share with the world but they don’t have a plan. All of that potential gets lost in misdirection, bad choices, and life. Having a plan is so important, especially when it comes to your business.

This is not the first blog post written about business plans. Many have been written before this and yet not all businesses have one. But I’m speaking straight from experience about the importance of a plan.

When my parents owned an employment agency, we were reactive and we didn’t really have a plan. Sure, we daydreamed about opening different branches and expanding our workforce, but we didn’t have the steps written down on how to make that happen. We just blindly went about our days which were mainly about survival and never about sustainability, growth or the big picture. We had tunnel vision which deterred us from seeing the full potential of the agency.

A business is a complicated entity and needs to be detailed on paper, a computer, or a smart phone. Although there are formal business plans with specific sections and information, yours does not have to be that complex. A lot of businesses started out from some ideas written down on a napkin. Others are just one or two pages long. The point is that someone cared enough about the vision to solidify it into words.

Does your business have a defined path?

Does your business have a defined path?

Still not convinced that a business plan is necessary? Here are are just a few reasons that just might change your mind.
– It helps you to explore all possible avenues of your business. Do you realize how many different products or services are related to your business? If you take some time to think about it, new doors (and new revenue) could be found.

– Funders need something to refer to when deciding to fund your business. They want to see that you’re idea is organized and realistic and not just thrown together.

– When you put it down on paper, it becomes more real. If you’re just thinking about a business, it’s just an idea. But when you start plotting and planning on how to roll out your business and what you want it to look like in years to come, then it becomes something that can happen.

– It gives you direction. Think of it as your road map. You’re trying to get your business to go somewhere and the plan will help to show you the turn-by-turn navigation on how to get there.

Whether you are a brand new business or have been around for decades, a business plan is essential to your success. Need help putting it together? I can help – just fill out the contact form to get started.

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