People are the best (or worst) decision you will make for your company.

Your employees are much more than their job responsibilities: they are the essence of your business and represent YOU to your clients.

Hiring the wrong people can cost you and your business big bucks, not to mention your reputation. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much help out there to help you make the right hiring decisions. Sure, there are tons of great resources for recruiting, but what do you do with great candidates when you find them?

Enter me.

I came from a world filled with Human Resources, over-analyzing, and most importantly, recruiting and on-boarding. My dad got me into staffing when he started an employment agency. I was 19 and a freshman in college. I volunteered countless hours to work in the business, absorbing everything I could about the business and hiring. He had “the gift” and over 30 years of recruiting experience. He understood the value of company cultural fits long before it became trendy and knew how to analyze people prior to searching for them online. I spent years practicing and fine-tuning my hiring skills, trying to break it down and figure it out. When something comes so natural, it is a challenge to explain it to others. It’s not a science because you can’t always predict what people will do, BUT I have found out that you can be strategic and have a good, solid plan that will help you minimize your turnover rate.

I was able to fully staff a major retail store for the holidays… AND EVERYONE SHOWED UP! The store manager was amazed because that had never happened before in the history of that store. Not all of my hiring adventures ended so well, but I have had more success than failures. It wasn’t luck; I have an eye for placing people in jobs. I can “read between the lines” during interviews and know how to find the right people for the right jobs.

S3Secrets to Successful Staffing is about putting YOU in control of your hiring. WE WE DO NOT HIRE FOR YOU… WE HELP YOU CREATE AND DESIGN THE BEST HIRING PRACTICES FOR YOUR COMPANY.

Our unique programs are designed for small- and growing businesses that work with staffing agencies, use a staffing software, or do everything in-house.

I absolutely love small business – there is so much hope, passion, blood, tears, and ambition in them. That is why I want to help small and growing businesses build the right team. Most big companies have already figured out their hiring process, but it is an area that makes most small business owners stumble. My goal is to help share the information I have learned over the years with you to help you achieve success by building the right, long-term team.

As a gift for dropping by, please come and your free copy of 8 Hiring Myths BUSTED!. It will help you identify and address common hiring mistakes.  If you are interested in a coaching package, click here; there are different ones to fit any budget. You can also email me if you have any questions. I can’t wait to start working with you!

Never Lose Hope,


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