What does it mean to #BeTheTopCandidate? It is being the applicant that employers want, need & know when they see it. I can teach YOU how to become that person! I’m a recovered job-hopper (someone that moves from job to job in search of the perfect one) and so I have been on at least hundred of interviews… and that’s a low estimate. For years, I was ashamed of that. But I’ve turned it around and I’m helping folks like you that are looking for a job. Whether it’s because you were laid-off, returning back to the workforce, or just want to see what else is out there, I can help YOU become the top candidate of choice.

Join my private LinkedIn group to start getting interviews in 30 days or less! This paid-for group coaching allows you to get access to me for up to one month! We start new on the first of every month. You can ask questions, get a resume review, and learn my best practices for getting noticed by employers, booking interviews and getting hired! And the investment is only $47/month! Sign up Today! The sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll get hired!

Not ready to commit? That’s okay! Take a test-drive and find out how helpful I can be for your job search. Download your free copy of 3 Things You Can Do NOW to Get Noticed by Employers. Check it out, use the tips, and then come back to sign up for the group. These tips WILL WORK!

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