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Blah, blah, blah by Don Moyer

Communication is really important. Go to any expensive seminar, do a company retreat, or take classes and you can learn a lot about communication. It’s not a new thing – people have been trying to figure how to get their points across for centuries. The problem is that we all process information differently, so it’s the responsibility of the interviewer to make sure you are accommodating the candidate and “speaking their language”.
If you are not up-front and clear about the expectations and responsibilities from the start, you’re going to end up with a lost employee that will either quit or be terminated for poor performance. Even worse: you could find yourself with a person with a negative attitude because he or she is disappointed or upset they didn’t get what they wanted. A bad attitude can destroy a department and eventually a company. Either way, most of these kinds of situations could have been avoided with simple communication. When you’re considering someone for a position, ask yourself:
– does this person seem to be genuine or are they telling me what I want to hear?
– would this person fit in well with our culture?
– am I covering our company culture and the job correctly?
– does person seem engaged?
Pay attention to body language and the applicant’s words. Although you can’t predict the future, you can make the most informed decision about your new employees.
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