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I know you read my blog for inspiration and encouragement, but there are times when things “get real”. Is it okay if I take a different angle for a few minutes? Life can really suck sometimes and there is nothing you can do about it. Some circumstances happen without any of your handiwork or involvement of any kind. You just happen to be sucking air at the moment so now is your time to face a rough patch

Normally, I’m a pessimist’s worst nightmare. I’ll find the faintest light in any dark place, have a glass that’s half-full of that lemonade made from all of those lemons, and awe at the sparkle of that silver lining.

Since I can remember, life has been a rhythmic sequence of good times and bad times. Sometimes, not much of anything is going on. Having God and other outlets are my therapy as I ward off depression and anxiety.

You read that right. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety a few years ago. The “Never Lose Hope” gal loses it quite often actually. In fact, I struggle everyday to ward off negativity, fear and doubt.

I would love to say that I have everything u get control, that I have all the answers and that it really isn’t a problem. But it is. This is my first real “coming out” of sorts about the fact that I have these illnesses.

I’ve know a lot of people with depression and anxiety. I have a great compassion for those suffering from chemical imbalances, except for my self of course. Just like everyone, it was hard for me to admit I had a problem. I am not okay with talking about myself or my feelings (PS – That’s why I love techniL writing), so the fact that many people don’t know isn’t too surprising to those that know me well.

Why bring this up now? I want to let you know that there is GOOD NEWS: you don’t have to let your issues stand in your way. I will never downplay emotional or mental problems, but I can tell you there really is hope!!!!

Because of your issues you have more to offer people. Being perfect doesn’t help anyone, but those of us who are jacked up can brin light to those lost in the dark.

Instead of making excuses for yourself, use your illness to your advantage. Help others who have it worse than you. Be a blessing to someone else sharing your struggle and watch your life get better.

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