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"#60 - Don't Give Up" by John ONolan

“#60 – Don’t Give Up” by John ONolan

Everyone (including myself) is full of advice, words of wisdom, and ideas on how to land a job. I can spend hours going over your resume and re-doing it get recruiters’ attention. I can help you answer those pesky interview questions where most people fumble. I can sit with you one-on-one going through mock interview after mock interview until you “have it down”. Make no mistake about it…these are all important elements to getting a job no matter what position you are looking for. But today I’m not offering secrets on obtaining employment  or 19 things that you can do to freshen up your resume. If you want tips, please visit my Archives.

This article is a little different. It is an article of compassion for you — the one looking for work. I’ve been there. For over two years, I was searching for a job while working at a place I hated. You know those places where you turn into someone totally different that you actually forget who you are? That was where I was. I was miserable in my job. Partly because of my employer, but also because I didn’t need to be there. I over-stayed my welcome by a few years. Do you want to know why? I was comfortable. I knew that the second I turned into the parking lot, I would check my soul in for the day. I felt at ease knowing that I was already working, so I didn’t have to try too hard. I was ok with status quo.


After hundreds (literally) of resumes were sent, dozens of applications, and a handful of interviews later, I finally got into work that I wanted.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I know it is so easy to get discouraged in job hunting. You start to feel alone and wonder what is wrong with you that no one wants to hire you. Eventually you think that you weren’t meant to be happy at work. Maybe that is your lot in life. Well guess what?? The good news is that YOU WERE MADE FOR MUCH MORE.

The next time you’re feeling down about not being employed or being underemployed, remember that WHO YOU ARE IS NOT WHAT YOU DO. Let
that sink in for second……………………

Image by heyFilbert

Image by heyFilbert

Friends, I’m here to tell you today that you are not your resume. That is just a piece of paper that connects you to employers. Whether you were laid- off, fired, downsized or mistreated to the point that you quit, you are deeper than that one-page paper. Don’t get discouraged today. Keep applying, keep seeking and obtaining skills and land that job. But don’t forget that you are so much more than a job title. Don’t put your self-worth into your work. If you do, you’ll end up on a fast track to confusion, doubt, and pain.

Take pride in your credentials and accomplishments… You’ve worked hard for them. But don’t get them confused with your identity. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN ANY JOB.

Never Lose Hope,




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