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We all have our ups and downs. Our lives are filled with good times and bad. I’m sure most of us can pin-point exact moments in our lives where we experienced joy or pain.

Sometimes, though, we go through a weird funk where we can feel invisible. It’s a tricky time in life because things aren’t terrible but they also aren’t great. It’s almost like a limbo period of time. It’s just kind of… THERE….taking up time.

Invisible Man Sculpture by Elizabeth Catlett (Photo by Tony Fischer)

Invisible Man Sculpture by Elizabeth Catlett (Photo by Tony Fischer)

The problem is that when you feel like this, you get desperate to be noticed. And when you get desperate, you will try anything and everything. And when you try everything, you follow the latest fads and take everyone’s advice on how to find a job. And they don’t always lead you in the right direction. Usually, you will end up in a cycle of finding available positions, applying for them, and not getting called for an interview. You will repeat this cycle again, and again, and again.


Do you know the one thing that is lacking in most of the resumes I have seen and interviews I’ve conducted? The personality of the person. They get so caught up in selling their skills that they forget to add in who they are during the application process. I recently did a video blog about the 90/10 Rule (check it out here It explains that you should be focusing on the 10% of your experience and knowledge that you really love because the enthusiasm is important. Your passion makes you visible!

Don’t get caught up so much in the newest resume template or practicing responses to interview questions that the employer wants to hear if they don’t properly represent who you are. If there is no personality during the recruitment process, you still have a chance to get the job. But you’ll end up hating it. You lose who you are to get the paycheck. This is called selling-out.

Trust me. I know from experience. No amount of money is worth losing yourself. I have held many jobs in the past because I answered everything correctly (as if there are right and wrong answers in an interview) and I had “an impressive resume”. I didn’t let my light shine though. And I ended up dreading going to work. And I job-hopped. A lot.

So the next time you send out resume or have that interview, remember to bring yourself. The world has enough of everyone else, but it needs YOU TO BE YOU.

Never Lose Hope,


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