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There’s an age-old question out there that we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another but few will rarely answer confidently: What am I going to do with my life? That’s a pretty heavy question. I mean, anytime you look at the big picture it’s scary and seems impossible to achieve. I don’t know of any kids that dream of a life of crime and prison, but there are many adults who are serving time. No one ever wakes up one day and thinks “I can’t wait to get hooked on drugs” but people get sucked into that empty world. When people lose their vision, they lose themselves along the way.

It is so important that we have and don’t lose our vision but not enough people have it. I believe people get stuck in the day-to-day grind and are too exhausted from doing what they hate to pay some bills to really focus on their vision. It is something that no one can tell you or take away from you but you and keeps you going when your circumstances don’t align with your plans.

I was listening to an Entreleadership podcast by Dave Ramsey about vision. The guest (Dan Britton, one of the authors of One Word that will Change Your Life GetOneWord.comchallenges listeners to find their word. That’s right, one word. The idea is to have a word to guide your focus. If you had to describe your situation and where you’re going in one word, what would that be? Mine right now is GO. Simple enough, but this one word holds so many meanings in my situation.

Go and start my business.

Go and be bold.

Go and make dreams happen.

Go and don’t look back.

Go and help and love others.

Go and become the best leader I can be.

Go and write the best grant proposals.

Go. Go.  Go.

It doesn’t seem like a hard task, but it requires a lot of soul searching. I went through a lot of words before I found one really appropriate for me. Eventually it would be great if we could all find our word. But if that word seems too limiting or too deep right now, another way to find focus is to have a mission statement. I’m a big fan of mission statements but most people don’t take them seriously enough. Sometime you just need a few sentences to get you back on track. Plus, it’s essential if you’re looking for funding. You know how amazing your organization is, but if you can’t explain it in a few words, no one’s going to pay attention. So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be covering the three reasons why a mission statement is needed and then how to create one. I’m looking forward to helping you find your vision!

Never Lose Hope,


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