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I bet you were expecting me to say Merry Christmas since it’s December 25th and all. It would only make sense. But you’re getting a Happy Valentine’s Day instead. Why? Because no one seems to care about RIGHT NOW. We all plan for the future: what will happen tomorrow, next week, next year. We’re so concerned about later. And Valentine’s Day happens later. So I’m going to stick with that.

photo by: zaimoku_woodpile

photo by: zaimoku_woodpile

Why waste time appreciating the birth of our Lord and Savior when we can think about AFTER Christmas, right? Planning and goals are really important, but let’s not lose sight of  one today. Even as we’re watching a Christmas movie, I’ve seen two commercials now boasting about their after Christmas sales. They’re getting us thinking about later. CAN WE JUST ENJOY THE MOMENT WE HAVE?

I hope that this Christmas you get to enjoy an important present: TODAY. That you get to take in this very second and all of the people and the memories you are making right now instead of thinking about tomorrow. And that you get to remember the real reason for the day – Our Savior’s birth.

Merry Christmas!

Never Lose Hope,


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