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No one ever wants to think about losing their job. Getting laid-off or terminated can really set you back, both emotionally and financially. And usually it’s something that takes you off-guard so it can be even more difficult to recover from. Know

that this is a temporary situation and will not last for forever.

Don’t let the shock or anger of losing your job keep you from the things you need to do. If you should ever find yourself suddenly without work, use this checklist to cover important things that to be done. (The items on this list are not listed in any particular order.)

___ Grieve. Losing your job is a loss. Don’t underplay that. Take some time to properly grief your job loss, just don’t get lost in the grief. There is a point when you realize that you are in your situation and that you need to get out of it.

___ Take an inventory of your expenses and the money you have right now. Find out immediately where you can cutback and save some money. You don’t know how long you will be unemployed so you need to prepare for the long-term and look at all the funds you have available. This is where an emergency fund and coin jars come in handy.

___ Review the benefits you will no longer receive on a regular basis that were offered by your employer. The big ones are health/dental/eye/life insurance and your 401(K). What will you do for your benefits? Shop around for insurance – what kind do you need and how much will it cost? Also, what will you do with your 401(K).

___ If you file for unemployment, do this as soon as possible. This can be a long, drawn out process so the earlier you apply the better. Plus, if you get turned down, you will know early in this season not to expect it.

___ Evaluate your social media outlets – take down questionable content from your Facebook and Twitter accounts and revise your Linkedin profile.

___ UPDATE YOUR RESUME!! So many people forget this part and they just start applying to jobs like a knee-jerk reaction. Sending out an old resume is a waste of time for you and recruiters, so make sure to spend the time on getting your resume up-to-date.

___ Post your resume EVERYWHERE. Upload it to all of the major job boards and make it visible by employers. Apply to employment agencies – they have a huge selection of jobs available and work to find YOU work. Continue to search and apply for jobs, but realize that there is a lot of potential out there for your resume to be seen.

___ Never Lose Hope! Finding a job can take days, weeks, or months. Your attitude is the ONLY thing you can control in this situation. CHOOSE to be optimistic, have a good attitude, and continue to invest in yourself by learning new skills and gaining new knowledge.

Never Lose Hope,


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