I can’t believe I said that


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A few days ago, I woke up with my head aching, my body was sore and I was unable to breathe comfortably. My allergies had kicked in… double time. 

When I was in my time with God that day, I said something I never thought I would.
I actually thanked God for my allergies. It took me by surprise that I would pray something like that. Usually people don’t praise God for debt, health issues, or problems they are facing because we know that He is good. So why would I pray such a seemingly stupid prayer?
It’s because I am grateful for my health. You see, if I didn’t have allergy problems, I wouldn’t enjoy the days that I don’t have them. I have learned that I can love the day whether or not I feel miserable or great.
Take time to make the most of  

the day you have right now. You can’t control people or circumstances, but you can have a great day. It’s your call – how will you remember this day?

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