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I don’t know about you but I have been known to pin a few things on Pinterest. Ok… if we’re being totally honest I’ve pinned a few hundred things. Only because it is so much fun pinning stuff that you like onto your virtual board and show it off to those that follow you. And if it gets re-pinned — well, that might just make your whole day.

Using Pinterest doesn’t require you to take a class to figure out how it works: you like something, you pin it and you’re done. The hardest thing is probably figuring out which board to pin it to: should it go on the funny board, fashion board, or the adorable board? You know what I’m talking about.

I was really into Pinterest for a while but then it started getting depressing. Not because of anything it did, but I was noticing that I was spending a lot of time on Pinterest and not enough time actually doing what I was pinning. Those recipes on my YUM-E! board have not and might never be tasted; I still haven’t read the article on which foods burn the most calories on my Did NOT Know That board; and my I Bleed Business board has a ton of business card ideas which I still have yet to order. It’s one thing to take a break and go on there but it’s another to have lost total track of time and spent the last two hours on the app looking at what others have pinned and thinking about what I want to pin next (true story). It was getting hard to see all of the stuff I thought was awesome/genius/amazing and nothing actually getting accomplished. There was no movement.

I think this is a great way to look at life sometimes. Instead of actually doing that thing that scares us to death, we would rather just daydream about it and talk about it and “get to it” eventually. There is no risk and nothing is lost if we keep thinking about the business we want to start, or talking about that degree we’ve said we’d get one day. It’s so much easier to look at our mentors and our role models and think about how great their lives are since they’ve already accomplished what we want. They have the most perfect life. Because that green grass over there is much better than my current green grass.

There has to come a time when we stop pinning our life onto imaginary boards and start actually doing the things we set out to do. What have you been pinning that should be off your board and in your life? Comment below – I’d love to connect.

Don’t Lose Hope,


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