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Writing emotional blog posts is not my forte. I’m a technical writer; give me a proposal or legal jargon that needs to be written and I’m all over it. Poetry and journaling do not come easy to me, but sometimes it’s important to deal with my human side and let my feelings roll out.. and today is that day.

visit for the official statement

visit for the official statement

This weekend Kidd Kraddick, an amazing dj in Dallas, Texas died suddenly. Millions of people have been affected by this loss. Those that never listened to him may think that he was just a radio personality, but he was so much more than that. He made us laugh, made us cry, gave us hope and made a huge impact on those of us that grew up with him on the radio. Although I never met him in person, I feel a loss as deep as if I’d lost a close friend, a feeling that so many others have.

Although the loss will never be filled, we can honor his life through donating to his foundation, Kidd’s Kids. Below are some ways you can help to further the cause. Please visit the website and consider making a donation to his organization. Also, if you know of any businesses or charities that are collecting donations for Kidd’s Kids please add them in the comments section.

Rest assured I AM NOT getting any kickback from this and the only thing that can happen if you make a donation is that more funding will be available to help bring chronically ill children to Disney World. I don’t even know if any will read this post, but I am writing this in hopes that at least one person is able to find some closure in this loss by helping to support Kidd’s legacy through Kidd’s Kids.

Keep looking up ‘cus that’s where it all is.


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