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Most employers do not give enough thought to the Millennials, but they are coming to a workforce near you. It is important to recognize what they have to offer and what they want so that you can compete and get the best talent available. Right now, we may be in an “employers’ market” (one where the employer is calling all of the shots), but soon it will change and there will be more job positions available than qualified applicants. If you are known as being Millennial-friendly now, then they will come to you. But you have to know what they want. This is NOT a throw-away generation – there is a lot of great talent and ambition waiting to be utilized. You need to be ready to be the employer they want. Not because they are entitled, but because they are needed to fill vacancies. Just as Baby Boomers retire and Gen X starts to take on more leadership roles, Millennials will be needed. Below is a great infographic to get to know your future employees.

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Recruiting the Millennial Generation: How it Differs and Where to Start

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