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The way you think and the words you release today are the most critical aspects of your life and how life turns out for you. I used to not believe that. Ya, I figured that if I thought the OPPOSITE of what I wanted that it would happen. If I wanted a job, I wouldn’t envision myself getting it. No, I would convince myself that I didn’t have a chance. That way I would not be disappointed if I didn’t get it. Or I would just go for jobs that were well beneath my experience or talents just so that I could be over-qualified for something and stand out in the crowd. I didn’t take a lot of risks on myself. It sounds like a conservative strategy in life but the problem with this way of thinking is that you don’t get excited about much. Sure, you don’t get disappointed but you miss out on the thrill of happiness too.

After all of the accumulation of negative thoughts and self-beating up, I became depressed. For months I struggled with that dark cloud.

As I’m writing this, I can’t believe I used to have such a messed up way of thinking. It is RIDICULOUS the torture we put ourselves through and fight battles that don’t even exist just because of our thoughts or how we hold on to what so-and-so said about us when we were 9 years old and it still plays on repeat in our head.


Every day I struggle to get rid of negative thoughts, but the good news is that I’ve noticed when my stinkin’ thinkin’ starts back up, I have more ammo to destroy it with positive things like scriptures and quotes. Each day is a battle to be conquered because there is no other option.

The negative words are not going to leave without a fight. You have to find replacement words and phrases for the negative ones you want to get rid of. Instead of saying NEVER, say I’LL WORK ON. So, when your first reaction is to say “I’ll never get out of debt” instead say “I’ll work on getting out of debt”. Or ‘my kids will never listen to me’ needs to turn into ‘I will work on getting my kids’ attention’.

Our brains are complicated, beautiful things but if we don’t utilize them correctly we can destroy it and our selves. Did you know that every thought you’ve ever had helps to construct your brain? YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR BRAIN BY THE WORDS YOU SPEAK AND THE THOUGHTS YOU HAVE.

I challenge you today to take out “never” from your vocabulary. If we have a full day of no nevers, I wonder how much we can get accomplished.

Don’t Lose Hope,



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