Luck has nothing to do with hiring.

A lot of business owners are losing big bucks because they think that may be lucky and get a good employee. But Luck has nothing to do with it. Secrets to Successful Staffing makes sense of it all.

Find the right S3 Package.

Stop hoping for the best employees and start hiring them. With Secrets to Successful Staffing, you will receive the tools and resources necessary for creating and implementing the right hiring procedures for your company. No matter your budget or timeframe, there is a S3 package for you.

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4 1/2 Myths about Grants

There are so many misconceptions about grants and it’s unfortunate. Funding opportunities are available but people either don’t realize that they’re out there or they’ve been burned by previous “grant writers” who left them with less money, no grants and a bunch of skepticism. To help you avoid the run-around, here are four and a

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How Flexible are You??

It’s the WORST! You’re having a great conversation with someone and really connecting and then IT happens. Somehow your foot gets wedged into your mouth without even trying. Did you REALLY just say THAT? How about that really uncomfortable silence that follows right after you say something completely inappropriate? And that look of total confusion

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