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Rock climbing on the Monarch of the Seas in 2011.

Rock climbing on the Monarch of the Seas in 2011.

I’ve vowed to myself not to set New Year resolutions anymore. Every time I have in the past, they’ve been broken by the end of the week or by February if I really push myself. Is it that I’m not motivated or passionate enough about what I’m doing? Not at all. In fact, I’m the type that will dive head first into something and set limits later. I don’t believe in “can’t”. To me that’s the c-word that is worse than any cuss word in the English language.

No, I think it’s that I (and I’m sure so many other folks) come up with these ridiculous ideas of what we expect from the year that we forget how to get there. Whether it’s to lose X amount of pounds, find a higher paying job, do more good deeds, or spend more time with loved ones, those kind of vague ideas will never be realized. The intent is good, but when we set out for un- (or under-) defined goals, they just don’t happen. It’s easy to say that you’ll lose weight, but how will it happen? You could go on a crash diet and lose a lot of water weight really quickly… And then gain it all back again. Or if you find that higher paying job, you’ll find yourself still under paid because of the ridiculous hours you’re putting in. Bottom line is don’t set such ambiguous goals – let’s plan out small steps instead. When did we get to be so hard on ourselves anyway? Kids don’t learn how to run, then walk, then crawl, so why should we expect ourselves to be perfect?

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is get over my fear of heights. Even going on a 2-step step stool gets my heart racing. If I’m not on the ground, I start panicking. I’m not going to get over my fear over night though. I’m conquering my fear in phases. That picture is of me rock-climbing. I never would have thought I could scale up a 50-foot wall like that…but I did. It was and still is a huge feat for me to climb up that wall. I hope 2013 will not be another year of empty resolutions but of attainable visions for us all. I truly believe that with small efforts we can make a huge dent in our expectations for this year.

Never Lose Hope,

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