As a business owner, you are a born-control freak. It’s okay to admit – that’s part of what makes you a good business owner. You have everything under control… accounting, production, administration… but what about your hiring practices?

If you are like most business owners, you post a job when you have an opening, print off some questions from the internet and hire based off an interview where the candidate said all the right things.
You mark that off your to-do list and move on. But then the new hire leaves shortly after accepting the position. This decision just cost you $4,000 (on average). Then, you start the process over again. It’s like you are a hiring manager, not a business owner.

Take back control over your business and hire the RIGHT people for your company.

I’ve created four different coaching packages. Pick which ever one best fits your needs and budget.

The Pearl Package – Free with Signup: As an Opal member, you will receive the handy-dandy information that you asked for, occasional emails (maybe 2 per month) with helpful tips, exclusive offers to new training sessions, coaching opportunities, and other fun stuff.

The Emerald Package – $249 + tax (one week) I know how hard it is to get a business going and the agonizing decisions of what to invest into it. Your hiring efforts shouldn’t suffer because you’re on a budget! With the Emerald option, you will receive coaching through a private password-protected environment group where you can not only learn from me, but learn from each other. Seating is limited to 25 so that you can get the most out of the week. Class starts every Monday with new content being released every day. Here is a breakdown of the class:
Day 1: Preparing to Recruit – This is a vital step to hiring the right people for your company. Here we talk about different employment options, deciding on how you want to recruit, and writing your job description.
Day 2:  Interviewing – During the second week, we’ll start digging into the nuts and bolts of interviewing like what you should and should not ask and how to decide on what questions are best for your company, and what you are looking for in the candidates, in addition to other things.
Day 3: Training & On-Boarding – Now that you know how to find the right person, you’ll need to hire and train your new asset! During our last week, We’ll talk about possible forms you need (yawn), training ideas, and good on-boarding practices. We’ll also have a Live Q&A session where you can ask about anything you may have questions about.
Day 4: Live Q&A – Get an hour-long conference call where you can ask me anything about the lessons.
Day 5: Overview of the last four days.

In addition to all of this, you also get occasional emails with helpful tips and exclusive offers.

BEST VALUE:: The Ruby Package  – Coaching Your Way – $349 + tax This package allows you full access to the videos #Sx3 videos, and worksheets for three months. You also have access to a private Facebook group with where you can ask questions and get them answered by me once a week. Order it today!
– Emails with helpful tips
– Exclusive Offers

The Diamond Package – One-on-One coaching – This package is designed to give you individual attention. You have a choice of me coming to you for a 6-hour in-house training session or one hour bi-weekly conference calls for one hour via Skype over two months! The Ruby Package is included in this package. Payment options are available. Please email me for more information.
– Emails with helpful tips
– Exclusive Offers

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