How in the Heck are You Going to Recruit?

Recruiting sucks if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s like aiming for a bulls-eye in the dark. Instead of thinking that you can use luck to hire good employees, learn to recruit! This is one of the videos included in the Secrets to Successful Staffing series I offer in my Services page – You

6 Interview Warning Signs That Tell You NOT to Hire Someone

[This article was originally published on on January 24, 2017.] What is the hardest thing about being a small business owner? For many, the answer is hiring. In fact, according to the nonprofit association SCORE, 42 percent of small business owners in 2015 said their biggest challenge was hiring new employees. The problem isn’t

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It’s #FreebieFebruary!

Happy 2016! I haven’t been on here for forever, but that is because I’ve been working on some really helpful information for #jobseekers and #Employers.  All throughout #February, I’ll going to be hosting 5-Minute Freebies on #Periscope (@JenTeague). Don’t have Periscope? Download it here: iTunes These quick coaching sessions are going to help folks looking for

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Which Verse Speaks to You?

I stumbled upon this article written by Melinda Emerson written in 2012. The Bible is full of wisdom and information on how to love life, love others, how to run a successful business, and everything in between. She lists out 12 scriptures that have helped her along the way.  My coaching business was birthed out

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The Uncomplicated Business Plan

If you are a business owner, you have heard about how important it is to have a business plan in place. In an article by Patricia Schaefer, one of the reasons that so many small business fail within the first few years is due to lack of planning, But let’s be honest here: How many

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What’s Your Number?

 Most people do not get the first job they apply to or get the funding for their business by talking to one person. I applied to over 100 jobs before I got the one I have now and it has taken two-and-a-half years for my writing business to get some friction. That’s a really

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They Say It Can’t be Done

Just because you want to start a business does not mean you have to get into a bunch of debt. And for those of you shaking your head in disbelief, I have three words for you: it is possible. Chances are you’re an entrepreneur because that’s who you are, not because of a one-and-only talent

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