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I’m at the LPL Focus 2014 conference in gorgeous San Diego. Aside from enjoying perfect weather, friendly people and Balboa Park, I get to hear some great speakers. This morning I heard Jim Collins, author of Good to Great ( He shared a discussion he once had with Peter Drucker, author & management consultant. He asked Dr. Drucker which of his many books is his favorite. His response: the next one.

This story got me thinking… A LOT. I don’t think I’m alone when I say this, but we tend to look back on our lives instead of living TOWARDS it. We focus on our past successes instead of working on our next success.

Just take a look at your resume. Employers don’t want to hire you on the basis of hoping you can do the job. They look at what you have done to determine what you can do in the future.

This notion to focus on the future instead of what we have experienced is difficult but it is necessary. We can’t change our past, but we can direct our next success by our thoughts, actions and words.

Never Lose Hope,


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