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Depending on who you talk to, the first steps of getting your business going can be really overwhelming and confusing. Do you need to get your logo created? Don’t you need a really catchy name? By the way, what are you going to offer people and how? What about a business plan?

When you start to feel that rapid heart beat of anxiety come over you, just remember that the most important thing you  need to start your business has nothing to do with hiring a professional. It’s internal. It is called determination. You have to be determined to go through a bunch of blood, sweat & tears to even get it started. You also have to get past all of the nay-sayers. Because [insert sarcasm here] no, you never stopped to think about what would happen if this doesn’t work, that it’s more practical to just punch that clock and get a steady paycheck, and the economy has not come up as a factor when you think of starting your business. That is the first time we’ve ever even given thought to those things [end sarcasm].

If you are determined, none of the obstacles matter. A rough day will not waiver your dream and your vision will not vanish when things get tough. No matter what people tell you, just remember when you have to spend all of that money getting your business set up, the most priceless thing you can get is determination.

Don’t lose hope,


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  1. Jen, this is really sage advice. Thank you for posting.

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