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Oasis of the Seas

This is the boat we were on. It was HUGE!

My husband and I just spent the last week on a relaxing seven-day cruise to the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands. Cruises are great for us because we’re close to ports and they’re a relatively cheap vacation – your food, board, and travel are all included. This is our 4th one together and I noticed a few things about us habitual cruisers, especially when we get back on land. Being out on the ocean in a huge boat really changes a person. Sometimes you just need to laugh, so Here’s a more light-hearted blog post about signs that you’ve been on a cruise. I hope you enjoy! If I left anything out or want to add to it, let me know in the comments below… I’d love to hear from you!

Signs that You Have Recently Been on a Cruise

1.You try to use your sail card at the grocery store and are genuinely puzzled when the cashier won’t accept it.

2. You wonder when your stateroom attendant will be bringing you fresh towels.

3. You keep asking yourself “what time to we have to be back on shore again?”.

4. Seeing land still freaks you out.

5. You wonder what is for dinner tonight. And by dinner I mean a 5-course meal made by a professional chef.

6. Now where is that soft-serve ice cream machine? I haven’t had an ice cream cone in DAYS.

7. When you’re walking on land after a cruise, you still have to stop and get your bearings because the boat is still moving. Even days later (is that one just me???)

8. You can’t sleep without the sound of the ship engine humming you to sleep.

9. You call outings “excursions”.


Nassau, Bahamas

10. The smell of suntan lotion becomes your new favorite scent….

11…. But only after your first burn.

12. You wonder why your bed still isn’t made.

14. You have now become a boating expert: you know what the aft is and can navigate your location by the positioning of the starts (or at least that’s what you tell your friends).

15. It bothers you that people around you don’t want to help you voluntarily or that they don’t come from hundreds of different countries.

16. It didn’t phase you that there is not a #13 on this list.

17. Who’s cleaning up after dinner?

18. Man, I could go for a towel-folding class right now. I miss all of those towel critters in my room.

towel elephant by Benjamin Reed

towel elephant by Benjamin Reed

19. The typical caloric in-take should be nothing less than 5,000. Otherwise you’re just not properly preparing for your day.

20. Anything below 80 degrees requires sleeves.

21. Even the manliest man will drink a fruity something with an umbrella… and it’s ok.

22. Where in the world did all of these kids come from??? You haven’t seen one in days.

23. Your shower at home now seems big enough to be its own room.

24. All you can think about is your next cruise.


Never Lose Hope,


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