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Just because you want to start a business does not mean you have to get into a bunch of debt. And for those of you shaking your head in disbelief, I have three words for you: it is possible.

Chances are you’re an entrepreneur because that’s who you are, not because of a one-and-only talent or skill that you have. You just want to own and run a business. Maybe your dream business is to have a restaurant or buy a franchise. Maybe you’ve invented something. No matter what the big picture is, it’s overwhelming. It’s also emotionally draining. You can go from This is the BEST idea EVER to What happens if we lose everything and end up homeless within a millisecond. While I can’t help you with the emotional stuff (that’s something you’ll have to work out between yourself and God) I can help you bridge the gap between having a business idea to actually getting it started.

Getting that business going won’t happen overnight. so you’ll need patience. Lots of it. And when you see others getting started and you’re still in the same spot as last year with 0 clients after countless hours of plotting and planning (true story), don’t give up. That’s probably a lot harder to do than this money part.So, I can give you some tips on how to starting this business of yours, but you’ll have to keep in mind that it’s not a get rich quick scheme and you probably won’t see results right away, but it’s something. Most don’t even have that. The point is to get going; your business will not go from nothing to a multi-billion dollar business within a year – it all takes time. Your passion for what you’re doing will last forever, and building a business around it will take time. If you  have another idea to add to this list, I’d love to hear it – just comment below.

Start Your Dream TODAY

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1. Use the funds you already have. Yes, you probably already have funds to start-up a business. Look at what you have and go from there. Even if it’s only $50 a month, that can help with getting  website launched or buying different pieces to a prototype. Whatever “extra” amount you have can go towards your dream.

2. Keep your day job. That dream of telling of your boss and being able to self-sustain through your business is a long way off. Jon Acuff’s Quitter is a great book that explains why you should NOT just pick up and chase that dream all will-nilly. So don’t quit just yet. As with every other big decision in life, there is not formula… you will just know. Just starting out though is not the time to jeopardize your job. Use this time to obtain skills to be productive at work AND for your business. For example, I am able to listen to podcasts at work on most days, so I listen to podcasts about writing professionally and leadership. I also look for opportunities where I can learn more about how to save time through things like mail merge and excel formulas. As you grow as a professional, so will your work life and your business. It’s a win-win situation.

3. Clean out your change jar – you know all of those pennies that you’ve been accumulating for decades? They add up, so bring them in to your bank and see how much you have. Then put that money towards your business. I love this kind of funding because it’s always the last source that people think about but it’s available. When you’re a business owner or an aspiring one, you take every opportunity you can to better your business and this is one that gets overlooked.

4. Start up a different, more low-cost business right now. If you can freelance services, do it! If There are plenty of reasons why starting the business of your dreams shouldn’t happen right now: the market isn’t ready yet, maybe you need to fine tune some skills, or secure more funds before you start that calling. In the meantime, work with what you have. I’ve found that we are good at a lot of things, but we have one thing that we do so well we can do it in our sleep. The other ones tend to be pushed aside when you could be making extra income with them. This is the time to monetize on those skills. Bring them to the forefront for a while, help others and get some extra cash to add to your business building fund.

Don’t Lose Hope,


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