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The ability to fly. That’s the super power I’ve always wanted. Although in my humanity I’m terrified of heights, my super hero flew like a bird, soaring through the air. When we were kids, we grew up with super heroes with super abilities. We fantasized and imagined what it would be like to have super powers, but as we got older and became ADULTS (yuck) we became more mature, realistic and forgot. Forgot about what it would be like to be able to see through walls, or drive around in the Batmobile because, well, you can’t put a carseat in that thing. And seeing through walls is not practical.

What Happened to Us?

So, maybe none of us have x-ray vision (thank God) and we can’t bend metal bars with our bear hands. But what if we take a look at the super powers we DO possess…. how much more different would the world be?

That’s right, we all have super powers. You know the way that you throw things together for dinner and everyone eats it and even asks for seconds? Or how about how you can look at separate articles of clothing and put together an outfit that not only looks good, but also expresses the person wearing it? Those are super powers. Not everyone can do that stuff (present company included). The natural ability to hook up an entertainment center and be able to have both audio AND visual? That’s definitely a super power. Even being able to teach your kid how to throw a baseball…well, you get my point. All of these everyday, mediocre things that you do naturally are actually super powers. Superman didn’t think anything of flying because he could. Spider-Man could jump from building to building as if it was nothing. These abilities are only “super” because not everyone has those talents.

Where’s Your Cape?

The same is true for you. The things you do second-nature are what the world needs. You can help save the day one task at a time by doing what you do best, whatever it is. So maybe life isn’t glamorous and we’re not always going to save the city, but you could help brighten up someone’s day. You could be that one person who turns around a hopeless soul. You just have to realize what your super power is and use it.

When was the last time you thought of yourself as a Superhero? If it wasn’t today, my friend, it’s been too long.

Never Lose Hope,

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  1. Hey great stuff, thank you for sharing this useful information and I will let know my friends as well.

    1. Thanks for the kindness :). Have a great 2013!

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