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The Growing Tree

I took this picture outside of a parking garage one day. I pass through this garage 10 times a week, at least 49 weeks a year and just noticed it the other day. For some reason I noticed it THAT day. I wasn’t in some deep thought or looking for a sign from God or anything, but that day this tree was so obvious to me. It was such a revelation: grow around the adversity. You see, there is nothing “special” about this tree in its makeup. This is not from a unique grow-in-a-parking-garage species. No, this tree was meant to grow tall and straight like the others before it. Only problem was that there was that walkway in the way. That darn walkway. The tree had two options: stop growing and be content with being minimized -OR- grow as much as possible before having to grow AROUND the thing in its way. I love the fact that the tree grows vertical AND horizontal just to continue to grow. This parallels to many things in my life and hopefully yours as well. Issues are never going to go away, so we need to learn how to better handle them. Will we be victims in all of the wrongs that have happened to us or will we get to that blockade that’s up ahead and push on, using it as a workout for our soul? We can either let limitations control our future or we can grow around them. The choice is ours. So, what exactly is wrong with this picture? It’s NOT your average, ordinary tree but ONLY because of its situation. This one was put in a tough spot and kept growing. When you defy the standards of [insert your struggle here] and don’t stop, you will grow a little awkward too. And this will make you stronger.

Don’t Lose Hope,


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