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Most people do not get the first job they apply to or get the funding for their business by talking to one person. I applied to over 100 jobs before I got the one I have now and it has taken two-and-a-half years for my writing business to get some friction. That’s a really long time and a lot of nights second-guessing my purpose.

Do you know what got me through? Hearing people talk about their number and knowing that their success did not happen over night.
What is your number? You should not be ashamed of it. Instead, you should honor it. You could be an inspiration to someone that has lost hope. Someone out there has applied to 30 jobs and has not gotten an interview yet. Or there is a business owner that just heard ANOTHER no from a funder, making it number attempt number 14. 
No matter how many times it took, the timing was divinely perfect. But because we’re human and very impatient, it can be difficult to stay positive. 
I truly believe this will help people who are wondering if they are on the right track or if something is wrong with them.
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Never Lose Hope!
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  1. Well…when it comes to numbers for me, I have quite a few, most – if not all – are steadily rising, some more than others. However, I try not to either think nor talk on them, for, the more I talk about it/bring it up (which I don’t really do, but others end up asking about), the more miserable and discouraged I feel. Thus, I have decided to, for a lack of a better expression, keep on keeping on. I will do what I can and wait to see what – if anything – comes from my efforts.

    1. mm

      Hi Joanna! I’m sorry that you are so discouraged with the amount of time it taking for your goal. The wait is the worst part. I love your “keep on keeping on” attitude. Eventually, it will pay off. Until then, know that you are NOT alone and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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