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It is a common mistake we all make: hiring someone because we like them. They gave you that “can’t-wait-to-hang-out-with-them-and-become-their-pal” feeling. During the interview, you laughed, maybe even opened up a little, and possibly shed a tear – yes, I’ll admit right now that has happened to me. This person has got you blinded to any other applicant. You give the others an express interview – talking to them because you already scheduled the meeting and to possibly see what else is out there. But you’re confident you’ve already met your next employee. You both just clicked and that’s important.

Big. Mistake.

It happens to the best of us. Sure we want people we can work with and share the same values as the company, but that does not mean we need to “like” them “. This is a really difficult concept to grasp – working with someone because they’re good at what they do and not because we get along with them. Our personal feelings aside, we should always go for what is best for the company. It’s just that when we decide who to hire, we are left with logic and emotions, so our emotions tend to win. Sure, having peace in the office is important, but if you look out and see a bunch of mirror images of you, then something has gone wrong.  Here are a few reasons you should look outside yourself to hire and avoid this #staffingsetback.

– You need people around you that know things you don’t know and are smarter than you. As the person responsible for hiring the representatives of your company, you need a lot more than just some gut feelings. Look over your life and think about the other times your emotions steered you into a good decision….. I can think of two times, but they had nothing to do with hiring. Don’t take it to the extreme either and just hire someone because they opposite of you. Hire them because they are qualified and will be an asset to the company and the department.

– Hiring people not like you will give you a fresh perspective. If you want to expand, it is critical to get folks on board that can help you reach the customers you want. Maybe you’re going into a new market or just need help finding new clients in your same market. A new person will help with that. Plus, it adds variety, and we can all do with a little of that.

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