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Normally I don’t put a lot of stock into my dreams. They are usually not worth remembering and consist of me doing average ordinary things like watching tv, working, or just living life. I don’t analyze them or keep a journal because, well, that would be pretty boring. Plus, looking for symbolism in the ordinary isn’t that interesting. But there are some dreams that stick with me and I believe they do so for a reason.

Sleeping by Beverly Goodwin

Last night was one of those times and I would like to share this dream with you.

I was with a group of people celebrating something like a birthday or an anniversary. The next thing I knew, I was in a plane, looking down to the earth below me. It turns out this activity was SKYDIVING!!!

Now, before I go on any further, you have to know one thing about me. I am heart-pounding-out-of-my-chest, can’t-stand-on-a-step-stool-for-more-than-a-few-seconds, terrified of heights. That’s right, even getting a few inches off the ground makes me nervous. I like my ground firm and steady. So, for me to dream about skydiving is just weird.

Since I am not a fan of heights, even in my dream, looking down and seeing above the clouds made me get a rush of anxiety.

So, there I am at the opening of the plane and I get a count down.


And then a push.

Skydiving by Morgan Sherwood

I was free falling. In the sky. Quickly. I was stressing out because I couldn’t remember anything about what cords to pull or when. I kept thinking that there was something I should be doing, but I didn’t know what it was. Then, eight seconds later (not sure what the eight seconds was about, but according the folks in my dream, that was my official time), I was on the ground. And I landed softly. It wasn’t a harsh meeting with the ground like I thought it would be – it was very graceful.

Although I did something out of character like skydive, I was still myself in my dream. So, in my normal fashion, I went to the front desk to let them know how upset I was that I was allowed to do this without any guidance or help. I’m a firm believer of justice and treating people right, so when I don’t see that, I make sure it is known.

When I got up there though, in true American business style, they were offering a preview of a video of my free fall that I could purchase. As I watched it I was amazed. In it was a professional sky diver to my right, guiding me the whole time. He was watching me, pulling cords when necessary, and assisted me in my problem-free landing. I couldn’t believe it. I had someone with me the whole time and didn’t even notice him because I was so stressed out about my insecurity and fear.

This dream really made me think: Even when we think we’re alone, we aren’t. It is hard NOT to feel isolated in a job search or starting a business, but there are so many people you have in your life cheering you on and guiding you. Sometimes they are close friends, family, or random bloggers that you come across in a web search. I believe God is with me every step I take. Even when I forget to look for Him, I know he is right there, guiding me through the craziness of life. I don’t need to stress out over the little things because they are already taken care of. My job as a Christ believer is to follow where I am guided with faith and know that everything will turn out well in the end.

Moral of the Story: The next time you start to worry and feel alone, take a few seconds to remember to enjoy where you are and recall everyone who is with you, both physically or in your heart. There is so much beauty around you that you are missing because you are stressed out about paying bill or worried if anything will ever turn out right for you. Spoiler ALERT: It will, so stop worrying. I don’t know the details and can’t give you dates or times, but things always end up going good and benefiting you in the long run.

Never Lose Hope,

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