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We have a weird idea of wealth. When we think of it, we put it with huge houses, plastic surgery, jewelry, boats, cars… And other stuff. But when we really understand what wealth really is, we can share it!

How can I say that when I haven’t seen your bank account? Because it has nothing to do with your bank account. It’s all about your mindset. You have a skill or a talent that you can share with others. I don’t care how little you think you have to offer, you have something and you can give it away. THAT MAKES YOU WEALTHY!

Do you have ears? Listen to someone facing a struggle. Extra books you can donate to an organization or the library? Clothes you don’t wear any more? Can you lift things? Then go and offer your time at a nursing home or help a neighbor carry on groceries.

The possibilities are endless. Today, let’s go out and share our wealth with others! Not only will it help someone else, but we will be blessed as well. It’s the quickest get rich scheme around.

Never Lose Hope,


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