Alyxandra is a celebrity daughter of the famous couple Georg Stanford Brown and Ellen Tyne Daly. She is the youngest of her other two siblings. By 2022 she is 37 years old. Let’s look at the fabulous life of Alyxandra in this celebrity article.


    Alyxandra was born to a Cuban actor George Stanford Brown and American actress Ellen Tyne Daly in 1985 on the 1st of October. George is an actor and director of television series and movies. He has worked as an actor in more than 15 movies, about 50 films, and directed over 50 films. He has also produced several television series and gave his voice to the video game character Ronald Shepherd for Men of Valore.

    In 1986 he has won Primetime Ammy Awards. Ellen Tyne Daly is not only America’s talented actress but also a popular singer. She has won several Ammy Awards and besides movies, has also worked in theatres, and in television series. Both Georg and Ellen were married in 1966. From this marriage, they had three daughters youngest of them is Alyxandra Beatris Brown.

    Alyxandra has two sisters namely Catherine Dora Brown and Alisabeth Douglas Brown. Alisabeth is the eldest of all and was born on 12th December 1967. Catherine was born on 10th February 1971. Sadly in 1990 after 24 years of healthy and Happy marriage couple decided to separate.


    Alyxandra has finished her BA degree in English language and literature and is an alumnus of Pacific Rim College. After graduation, she chooses to become a Baker and worked in a village Bakery and Cafe in Los Angeles

    Controversies, Net Worth, and Social Media

    To date, the Brown family stayed away from any kind of controversy. No one in the family is surrounded by any kind of controversies. We tried our best to find out social media information about Alyxandra but eventually could not find any. About Alexandra’s relationship, we hardly know anything. Neither she is dating nor does she have any boyfriend.

    Features and Fun Facts

    Alyxandra is of mixed ethnicity. She is tall and has curly hair. Her eye and hair color are black. Her body is slender and has great curves. Fun fact: While applying for her birth certificate Alyxandra’s parents submitted human as a race, yes in the section of sex, and for ethnicity they put “citizen of the world” from this we can say that the family is witty and fun-loving.

    Both the parents of Alyxandra work in the Hollywood industry and earn quite a lot. They have a fortune of about 70 to 90 million US dollars. Also, her sisters earn a good amount, therefore, we can say that Alyxandra lives a fabulous, stylish, and luxurious life. Nevertheless, where is she currently living is unknown.

    All the family members like the company of each other and can be found enjoying themselves on several occasions. We would like to extend our best wishes to Alyxandra and her family for their life and future. We hope that you have liked this celebrity article and provided information in it.


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