Mattigan Twain Warrior is not a new name in the limelight. She is a famous American female celebrity, mainly in Hollywood and the wrestling circle. Besides, her parents are celebrities and wrestlers, adding to her growing celebrity and fame.

    Mattigan’s Parents

    Mattigan prides on having two parents who are both celebrities. Her mother, Dana Warrior, is a renowned personality in wrestling. Additionally, she is a professional modal and a body-builder. Likewise, her father is a celebrated World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star.

    Mattigan Twain Warrior's father

    James Brian Hellwig was Mattigan’s father. He had many tags, including “The Ultimate Warrior” and “Warrior”.

    Mattigan’s father died in 2014, and she currently lives with her mother. Her mother has received various wrestling titles. Furthermore, she owns a body-building academy for physical well-being and body-building enthusiasts. Therefore, it’s justifiable to say Mattigan Twain Warrior has had a celebrity life since birth.

    Personal Life

    Mattigan Twain was born on 16th May 2002. She is an American nationality with an American passport and has one sister, Indian Marin Warrior. Plus, it was alleged that she had gotten engaged to her boyfriend. However, she later refuted the claims and pronounced herself a proud single.

    Indian Warrior and her sister Mattigan Twain studied at a respected university. Both siblings were often spotted hanging out with their parents at ceremonies, sports events, and concerts. Mattigan is predicted to take after her parents as a wrestler.

    While together, their main activity is gossiping and shopping, and they never seem to go wrong with each other’s company.

    Social Media

    Mattigan Twain Warrior is a stunning, lovely, and sexy celebrity teen with blonde hair. Her height and weight remain undisclosed, but you can estimate from her many videos and pictures on the internet. Plus, she has adorable black eyes.

    mattigan twain warrior

    She is not very active on social media, but her accounts have a large following. Unfortunately, her accounts are private, and you can’t peek into most of her information. The good thing is that, unlike Mattigan, Indian Warrior is active on social media, especially on Instagram. Thus, you can often bump into her sister’s photos on her posts.


    Mattigan has a calm personality, and she goes up and beyond to avoid controversies whenever possible. She enjoys the comfort of a low profile. However, they have had a dispute over their family name “Warrior”, where WWE dragged them to lawsuits issues in 2000. Luckily, they won the lawsuit, and everything went in their favor. That’s the only known controversial issue involving her.

    Mattigan’s personality is amazing. She is not arrogant, and the good thing is that she never lets her celebrity status sink into her head. Instead, she enjoys the privileges that come with being a celebrity without causing unnecessary drama,

    Mattigan Twain Warrior Net Worth

    Mattigan is trying to grow her wealth gradually. Currently, it is approximated that her net worth is approximately $300k. However, it is undisclosed what her income sources are.


    Well, the specifics are not known. However, Mattigan Twain Warrior and her sister Indians get their education from undisclosed universities.


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