Scott is an American celebrity son and an officer of the US Army. He is the son of a famous television personality and businessman Silas Merritt Robertson and Christine Raney. Let us talk absorbing facts about Scott, the celebrity and the nation’s son in this celebrity article.


    Scott Merritt Robertson is the son of Silas Robertson. Silas is also known as Si Robertson. Si was born on 27th April 1948 in Vivian, Louisiana, USA to Merritt B. Thurman-Hale and James Harold Robertson. When it comes to his boyhood, Robertson spent it in poverty. He lived in harsh conditions and had few luxuries. He was drafted into the United States Army during the Vietnam War after dropping out of Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana after three quarters. In 1993 Si was retired from the army as Sergeant First Class.

    After retiring, Robertson began working for his brother Phil’s Duck Commander company. Since then, he has been responsible for crafting the reeds used in each patented duck-call. However, Si did not enjoy this job and started working for A&E. He joined Duck Dynasty as Uncle Si. A popular and important character in the reality TV series. He was popular for his intense and funny jokes.


    Christine, Scott’s mother was born on 20th November 1946 in the USA. Christine and Si married in 1971. The couple was blessed with a daughter Trasa Lee and Scott Merritt. Both, Si and Christine living together for over 5 decades.

    Si Robertson doesn’t hold many secrets. The zany uncle from Duck Dynasty has his opinions on everything. But fans probably don’t know that he is a happily married man.

    This is due to Christine Robertson, Si’s wife, never making an appearance on the program. Si stated that she went off camera owing to health concerns and a dislike of being in the spotlight.

    Si expressed that his wife was wiser than the rest of the family and that she had made the correct call by staying out of the limelight.

    Personal Life

    About Scott very less information is available. The date of his birth is unknown and the city or state he was born in is also missing. His early and graduate education is a mystery.

    In the book Si-Cology that his father wrote, Scott Merritt Robertson was born 2 months premature, with a liver problem that lead to brain damage. Scott experienced many difficulties as a child and even displayed suicidal tendencies while living with his family in Germany. He was later identified as having Asperger’s syndrome.

    Si Robertson also disclosed that Scott, a US Army veteran who has served eight tours in Iraq, now has PTSD.

    Scott Merritt Robertson

    However, we surely know about his 4 uncles named Phil Alexander, James Francis, Harold Gene, and Thomas Silas. Phil is a famous TV star, businessman, and professional hunter. Scott also has two aunts namely Judith Ann and Janice Ellen. Furthermore, it is said that Scott has also served in US Army. However, we are not sure about his post and rank. Scott is the youngest in the family after his sister Trasa.

    Scott Merritt Robertson Net Worth

    Si Robertson lived his early life struggling but he turned the table around. He started working in TV series and earned quite a wealth from it. Si’s total worth is estimated at over 13 million USD. Phil also holds the same amount of worth. Scott is a US officer and must be getting high pay. The Robertson family is wealthy enough to live a luxurious celebrity life.

    Scott Merritt Robertson Si Robertson's Son


    There is no such controversy around the Robertson family. Furthermore, Scott has kept his life very secret and private. Therefore, no controversies surfaced so far. However, in 2020 there were rumors circulating on social media about Si’s death and everyone was curious to confirm the news. Nevertheless, the news was unreal.

    Due to Si’s long habit of smoking heavily, he has grown a bad lung. He has some breathing issues. In 2021, He was even diagnosed for COVID that made the his entire family in worry.  Si’s now in preparation for a lung surgery but the 74-year-old is still very optimistic.

    Scott, like his father, is devoted to his country. He has made his parents and other Americans proud by demonstrating his patriotism. We admire Scott for his bravery and wish him success and fortune in the future.


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